Jan Polak: My Profile and Story

I'm a longtime advisor, facilitator, trainer, and coach of managers, leaders and entrepreneurs with international experience from Great Britain, USA, Australia, South Africa, India and Hong Kong. My reach is international and through my company Prosperity Vision and its partners, I'm also active in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - countries of my origin.

I am a strong advocate for purposeful enterprises and integral approach to business and am focused on supporting the development and use of natural talents and human potential of individuals and teams in both small and large companies. Specifically, I focus on empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders to build and lead organisations that make a difference in the world and propel humanity forward.

I am one of the few world’s Master Practitioners and Master Trainers in Wealth Dynamics, a unique approach for entrepreneurs to find their natural flow, build synergistic collaboration and stay on purpose in business, and the Global Head Master Trainer in Talent Dynamics, number one pathway for accelerating trust and flow in large organizations.

In addition, I am Level 2 certified Cultural Transformation Tools consultant with Barret Values Centre and hold a diploma in the application of Theory U via uLab at MIT. 

Despite the fact that I am dedicated the past twenty years discovering, practicing and integrating many aspects of personal, professional, team and organizational development and transformation, I still consider myself an enthusiastic and curious student in this field.

In the past, I worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and as a partner in the London-based Strategy Dynamics Solutions Ltd. I studied internationally and obtained an MBA from the prestigious London Business School and a Professional Masters degree at Cornell University in the USA majoring in organizational behavior. More than my positions and degrees, however, I value the experience of being able to grow, explore new perspectives of the world, collaboration and business, discover new possibilities as well as seize the opportunities to cooperate with visionaries, leaders, experts and like-minded and like-hearted people from around the world.

My work is both my hobby and calling, and I sees business and entrepreneurship as a potent way of human contribution, personal evolution, a transformation of society and an effective form of collectively doing good.

Jan has the ability to hold grand visions. What this means for you is that he’ll help you clarify and then act on your grand vision. He’s an innovative thinker, a provocative thinker. I’ve met very few people in my life who are this original in their perspective on how life works. If you want to take your business or your life to the next level, make it simple on yourself, hire him!
Martin RutteFounder of Project Heaven on Earth, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work
It was a great pleasure working with Jan for some years. Not only does he have a sharp mind and great intellect, but he is also hard-working and persistent, not letting tough conditions hold him back. He works very well with groups of all kinds, whether students or executives, and delivers quite complex ideas clearly. In addition, Jan is always upbeat and cheerful, which makes him a wonderful partner in business.
Kim WarrenAdjunct Professor at London Business School, Director Strategy Dynamics Ltd